A miracle happens when hope leads to a solution

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We are committed to the belief that Miracles Can Happen through hope and action. Our goal is to then become the instrument of hope and compassion for children suffering from chronic conditions that are seemingly insurmountable, a reality that too often leaves them to be forgotten by the world, left to a lonely existence with just their families and loved ones who struggle to care for them on a daily basis.


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Miracles Can Happen helps children in need by taking action to provide family support, treatment access and long-term care strategies. We believe that no family or child should face this reality alone. In this spirit, the Miracles Can Happen Foundation is dedicated to helping restore faith in miracles, and to provide support to those on the sometimes lonely road towards hope. It’s the belief that help is on the way that can keep one person, one family, and one community of loved ones focused on tomorrow. Hope is the miracle waiting to happen.